Hotel &Restaurant lighting

hotel include business hotel and Resort hotel ,business hotel always located in Economically developed city ,recept cusstomer for business trip,so need highlight office ,meeting ,business banquets function,Resort hotel always located in attractions ,need hightlight holiday and leisure function

  To design hotel illumination should consider different area requirement ,like the entrance to the hotel ,hall ,elevator ,living room ,washing room ,etc

 The considering factor include:

1:Select warm white light source ,3000k color temperature ,no matter what kind of hotel ,to create kindness ,sweetness ,and friendly atmosphere are the common requirement and also 3000K led lamp can strengthen this features.

2.Notice the relationship between color temperature and intensity of illumination ,use them to create an appropriate atmosphere

3. According to different room air ratio,choose appropriate light distribution,identify the light distribution curve,center light intensity and half light intensity,to avoid luminous loss

4.More senior hotel will have strict requirement about color rendering index

 Suggest led lamp:anti glare downlight ,led spot light ,led candle light ,led ceiling light

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