About Us

      Glite Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who focuses and only focuses on LED lighting for ILLUMINANCE purpose, never involved in some other purposes e.g LED decorative or signal lightings.

    For us ,lighting is not just a product as well,it’s a way of life,we believe that you perceive the relationship between light and brightness,color ,style and quality .we are committed to deliverying outstanding value for our customers ,maintaining a leadership position in our chosen markets through on ongoing focus on customer needs and expectation

     As a professional manufacturer in LED lighting industry, as well as you, we are seriously concerned with quality and cost management. We insist on the business philosophy: If want to go fast, SAY "quality is first"; if want to go far, ACT "quality is first". Time tries all, after these years, we have received an excellent reputation in LED lighting projects and are encouraged by customers from some areas, especially Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Australia and Brazil.

     We also look forward to cooperating with you by processing and assembling with provided materials.

     Our English-speaking sales persons can respond to you promptly and around the clock. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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